How Can Bloggers Benefit from Sidebuy?

Nowadays, retailers are more aware of the benefits of influencer marketing as a promotional tool, and are constantly looking for high-profile bloggers to advertise their brands. The advent of social media opened the doors for those with a high degree of knowledge and expertise regarding a specific field to get their word out there, and share their thoughts with millions of people. Likewise, consumers consider this method more reliable than traditional forms of marketing. Based on an article on Digital Sherpa, 61% of consumers in the United States have made a purchase based on a blog post and 81% trust in the information they find on blogs. This is why businesses are leveraging on the social status of bloggers to advertise their products and services.

Sidebuy is an online platform, which provides the opportunity for bloggers and retailers to connect, and to build mutually beneficial relationships. The benefits of influencer marketing are countless for businesses. But, how can bloggers benefit from this partnership?

1) Monetize blogging efforts:

One of the most important advantages bloggers gain by joining Sidebuy is the ability to monetize their efforts. Bloggers are able to get paid for what they love to do through content creation and social media campaigns. With Sidebuy’s sophisticated analytical capabilities, bloggers are paid reasonably based on their social influence and the performance of their promotional posts.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 1.55.53 PM

2) Find new opportunities:

Moreover, with the help of Sidebuy, bloggers can discover new opportunities to connect with more retailers, brands, and designers whose image is in line with theirs. By filling out a profile page on Sidebuy’s website, bloggers can go into details about their personal information, interests, social following, and their audience’s demographics. This will allow retailers and designers to easily pick the bloggers who can effectively promote their brand, and fulfill their specific marketing objectives.

3) Get access to a real-time performance of your blog

By copy and pasting the customized tracking code Sidebuy provides for each blogger, influencers can get access to a real-time performance summary of the blog. They can track and monitor their page views, engagement, reach, social media performance, and their target audience. This significantly can help them to create content that is more appealing to their fans and followers.

3) Gain more exposure:

Bloggers can also grow and optimize their own online personal brand by collaborating with brands and retailers who fit their style. Through Sidebuy, bloggers gain more exposure, and thus can increase their social credibility.

Sidebuy is a platform which seamlessly connects retailers and brands who seeks to gain more awareness and market share with bloggers. It is a win-win relationship!

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