What is Sidebuy?

Influencer Marketing:

The advent of social media and the emergence of lifestyle and personal style bloggers led to the rise of a new form of marketing making conventional methods of appealing to customers relatively outdated. Nowadays, ordinary people are turning into celebrities earning six-figures annually, in their 20s, by tapping into this new trend. On the other hand, big brands are recognizing the extraordinary influence these individuals possess on consumer purchasing behavior. In fact, influencer marketing can double the sales in comparison to traditional methods while lower the costs by 60%.

What is Sidebuy?

To help local brands and influencers gain access and benefit from this advertising tactic, Sidebuy was created. Sidebuy is a platform, which seamlessly connects bloggers and publishers with retailers and designers, who are aware of the value of influential marketing, and are looking to promote their products more effectively and efficiently. Brands and bloggers cooperating with Sidebuy are in the fashion and apparel, home decor, and furniture, as well as baby and kids product market.

How does Sidebuy work and benefit retailers and bloggers?

With the help of Sidebuy, retailers and boutiques can create personalized marketing campaigns in three simple steps. They can employ a blogger, whose image is compatible, to promote their products and brand. Consequently, Sidebuy enables bloggers to monetize their efforts, get paid for their social influence, and gain more exposure. Sidebuy also gives both parties the opportunity to easily manage their payments and accounts. By monitoring the social networking activities and channels, Sidebuy allows brands to track the engagement and impact of their campaigns on Sidebuy’s analytics dashboard to ensure high return on their marketing and advertising budget. Sidebuy allows for a mutually beneficial partnership between retailers and bloggers as retailers benefit from the loyal and extensive fan-base the influencers enjoy, and gain access to a more targeted market, and in turn, bloggers can generate revenue and discover more opportunities to take advantage of their social impact.

what is sidebuy

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