Nadia + Zehra

Unrefined cartoons of vampires and scary faces, as if drawn carelessly by a kid, with vulgar statements such as “s**k me you b**ch” or “I will find you and I will f**k you” while playing the theme song of “Adam’s family” was how Nadia and Zehra opened their fall/winter 2015 runway at Vancouver Fashion Week! The runway then turned into a rainbow of dynamic colors, funky patterns, and playful silhouettes that swoop the audience into the designers’ imagination!

Nadia and Zehra Coloring London

Coloring London Editorial


Vancouver Fashion Week

Nadia and Zehra Mustafa are Bologna-based fashion designers and twin sisters, who are the artists behind the street-wear brand Nadia + Zehra. They showcased yet another brilliant collection at Vancouver fashion week this March, which once again managed to cheer and captivate the audience at the same time. In spite of their young age, these quirky and surprisingly reserved sisters succeeded in receiving substantial international recognition and press, due to their original and cutting-edge approach to fashion design.

Nadia and zehra explosions

Explosions Editorial

“Together we innovate new shit”

Their slogan “together we innovate new shit” perfectly reflects their carefree and daring attitude, and their brilliant aptitude and endless imagination in creating extremely ingenious and avant-garde collections. Bold contrasting colors, unexpected patterns, and silhouettes, with influences from both the east and the west, which is their heritage background, is what makes the collections one of the most anticipated ones.

These eccentric sisters are definitely not afraid to take risks, and to push the conventional boundaries of fashion. They are specifically experts in juxtaposing extremely contrasting elements and transforming them into a piece, which surprisingly looks balanced as if they belonged together at the first place.

nadia and zehra power man

Power Man Editorial

Inspire of their efforts in portraying a rebel kid who has no interest in growing up, there is a high degree of sophistication and refinement in their designs. This also reflects the kind of intentional opposition they implement in their collections.

We certainly cannot wait for their upcoming collections!

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